Açiq mənbələrdən foto.

Açiq mənbələrdən foto.

Baku/08.06.21/Turan: A trial of Euljekjiyan heard video-testimonies of his cohabitant Maral Nazaryan who was detained with him but later released. She said that together with Euljekjiana, they used to visit Armenia. The last time, because of the pandemic, they failed to leave for Lebanon. When the war in Karabakh began, they arrived in Shusha together.

A Lebanese citizen named Hovak promised Euljekjiyan, in addition to his salary, to pay $ 2,000-2,500 a month for his participation in the war. According to the Nazaryan, she was against it but her cohabitant agreed and went to war. He told her that he was in the Khojavend direction, and they were provided with modern weapons and uniforms there.

However, a few days later, Euljekjiana left the front line as saying that "the Azerbaijanis are very strong" and that all the mercenaries from abroad had been killed. After that, the couple went to Lachin. On November 10, when they heard that the war was over, they came to Shusha to collect their belongings but were detained by the Azerbaijani military.

The accused, however, rejected the testimony of his cohabitant. According to him, he was forcibly sent to fight in Karabakh by the Armenian military. He admitted that he was in the Khojavend front but denies using weapons.

As for photos from of Euljekjiyan' phone where he mounts a mortar in the trench, as well as other photos and videos where he is depicted with other armed mercenaries, the accused said that he was filmed in order to show off in social networks.

Then the judicial investigation was over, and the Prosecutor General spoke. He asked to sentence the accused to 20 years of imprisonment  The next court hearing is scheduled for June 11.—06D-

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2021 June 08 (Tuesday) 12:30:17

Trial of Lebanese mercenary begins in Azerbaijan

Baku/08.06.21/Turan: A trial of the Lebanese citizen accused of terrorism, Euljekjiyan Viken Abraham, who participated in the battle of Karabakh on the Armenian side as a mercenary, began on June 8 at the Yasamal district court.

Note that the case is being considered by the Baku Military Court. The trial announced the indictment. In turn, the defense requested to return that the case further investigation.

However, the prosecutor objected as saying that at the preliminary investigation, the accused and his lawyer were presented with the necessary evidence and they expressed no dissatisfaction with the course of the investigation. So, the court rejected the motion.

According to the prosecution materials, on September 29, 2020, Euljekjiyan Viken Abraham, born in 1979, a Lebanese citizen and a resident of Beirut, initially accepted an offer of Hovak Kikiyan, also a Lebanese citizen, to take part in military operations on the occupied territories of Azerbaijan as a mercenary for a fee of $ 2,500.

On the same day, together with other members of the organized group, he crossed the state border of Azerbaijan. Euljekjiyan and other mercenaries took part in terror activities against the citizens and the army of Azerbaijan with weapons in their hands.

He is charged under Articles 114.3 (participation of mercenary in a military conflict or military operation), 214.2.1 (terrorism committed by a group of persons with prior agreement, an organized group or a criminal community), 318.2 (illegal crossing of the state border of the Republic of Azerbaijan) and the Criminal Code of Azerbaijan.

The trial continues. According to Articles mentioned above, the defendant faces life imprisonment.—03D06-


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