The Russian Foreign Ministry sent a note of protest Yerevan due to the visit of the Armenian ambassador to Buch

Russia sent Armenia a note of protest in connection with a visit to Buch in the Kyiv region of the Armenian ambassador to Ukraine Vladimir Karapetyan and the head of the Nor-Nork district of Yerevan Tigran Ter-Margaryan, the representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova said, adding that Moscow considers it a “unfriendly step” .

On June 2, Karapetyan and Ter-Margaryan visited Buch and discussed the cooperation of the Norca with the local authorities, the administration of the Yerevan district on Facebook reported.

They also handed over humanitarian aid, in particular medicine. Ter-Margaryan said: “We are proud of the courage of the Ukrainian people and are always ready to support Buch and other community affected by military operations.”

“They are concerned about the transfer of help to the needs of the Armed Forces and made there unacceptable statements to Russia. They sent a note of protest at the Armenian Foreign Ministry, ”Zakharova said. She noted that Ter-Margaryan is the ally of the chairman of the “pro-Western” party of the Republic of Aram Sargsyan.

Zakharova called the fact that the Armenian authorities are in solidarizes with similar statements.

Ter-Margaryan in response to Zakharova’s statement confirmed that he went to Ukraine as the head of the Nor-Nork district and a member of the political council of the Republic of the Party. There he met with the local authorities and the Armenian community, and during a visit to Buch he brought humpoys.

“If necessary, I'm ready to go again. It is strange that the press secretary of the Russian Foreign Ministry first confuses the parliament of Armenia with the administrative district of Yerevan, and then tries to intervene in party activities. The republic party always defended democratic values ​​both in the country and beyond, ”he wrote on Facebook.

* Recall that in the city of Bucha, Russian troops committed genocide, killing dozens of civilians at the beginning of the military aggression against Ukraine.

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