The trial  in the case of activist Ilhamiz Guliyev has begun

The trial  in the case of activist Ilhamiz Guliyev has begun

On May 2, the Baku Serious Crimes Court held a preparatory hearing on the criminal case against human rights defender Ilhamiz Guliyev. The lawyer of Zibeyda Sadygova petitioned for a change in the preventive measure and transfer him to house arrest. She drew attention to the fact that a week ago the European Parliament adopted a resolution on criminal cases against the politician Gubad Ibadoglu and Ilhamiz Guliyev. The document stated the innocence of both and called for Guliyev's release.

The lawyer also drew attention to the fact that Guliyev was subjected to physical pressure during his detention and a complaint was filed with the Yasamal district Prosecutor's office about this. The lawyer applied for a request to the Yasamal District Court to investigate the complaint of physical pressure and the materials of this case.

In turn, Guliyev said that after his detention he was deprived of the right to defense and his lawyer was not allowed to see him. His family was not provided with information about the place of detention.

The state prosecutor asked the court not to grant the petition. The court dismissed the request to transfer Guliyev to house arrest. Other petitions were left for consideration during the judicial investigation. The hearing on the merits is scheduled for May 16.

*Guliyev was detained on December 4, and on December 6 he was detained for 4 months in a case of large-scale drug trafficking. According to human rights activists, the real reason for Guliyev's arrest was his interview with “Abzas Media”, in which he stated that the police use undocumented drugs to falsify criminal cases.

Guliyev was introduced in the interview as a former police officer. In the past, he was an unofficial assistant to a police investigator.

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