The trial in the case  of Tofiq Yagublu has begun

The trial in the case  of Tofiq Yagublu has begun

On June 14, the preparatory session for the trial of Tofiq Yagublu began in the Baku Serious Crimes Court. During the  trial, Yagublu declared his innocence and falsification of the criminal case. He said that he was arrested for political reasons and the order for his criminal prosecution "came directly from Ilham Aliyev." According to the politician, the case is grossly fabricated. The dates of the illegal actions attributed to him are not consistent with his location. So, on these dates, Yagublu was in Türkiye.

Then the politician challenged one of the judges, Azer Tagiyev. Yagublu explained this by saying that Tagiyev participated in trials against political prisoners and was included in the sanctions list of the US Congress. The defense petitioned to allow Yagublu to sit next to the lawyers and move the trial to a more spacious hall  because of the larger number of applicants.

The court stated that from the next trial, Yagublu will be allowed to sit next to the lawyers. The issue of holding  trials in the great hall will also be considered. During the trial, Yagublu unfurled a poster calling on the international community to boycott COP29 in Baku.

The defense also petitioned to dismiss the criminal case, or at least transfer Yagublu to house arrest. However, the court did not satisfy the petitions and scheduled a hearing for June 20. Tofiq Yagublu was arrested on December 14, 2023 on charges of fraud, falsification and illegal production of official documents and the use of forged documents.

Yagublu called the accusations far-fetched. The politician has been repeatedly subjected to criminal and administrative prosecution. International organizations have recognized him as a prisoner of conscience.


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