Tofiq Yagublu's action in the courtroom

Tofiq Yagublu's action in the courtroom

The court hearings in the case of Tofig Yagublu, a member of the coordination center of the National Council of Democratic Forces and the Musavat Party, were postponed on June 21. At the meeting, it was announced that the trial would not take place due to the illness of one of the judges, Azer Tagiyev, and the hearings would continue on July 28.

Recall that at the previous court session, Yagublu challenged Azer Tagiyev, who participated in the trials against political prisoners and his name is on the sanctions list of the US Congress.

Today, Yagublu held up a poster that read in English: "Ilham Aliyev wants to kill me in prison, just as Putin killed Navalny." About 100 oppositionists gathered in front of the courthouse, who came to support Yagublu. The police pushed them into the square across the street. At the same time, activist Jamil Hajiyev was detained.

Tofiq Yagublu was arrested on December 14, 2023 on charges of fraud, falsification and illegal production of official documents and the use of forged documents.

Yagublu called the accusations far-fetched. The politician has been repeatedly subjected to criminal and administrative prosecution. International organizations have recognized him as a prisoner of conscience.


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