Trial of trade union activist Afiaddin Mammadov

Trial of trade union activist Afiaddin Mammadov

On 4 June, Baku Court for Serious Crimes heard the testimony of victim Safar Huseynov at the trial of trade union activist Afiaddin Mammadov.

He stated that on the day of the incident he was walking along the street looking through his phone and bumped into Mammadov.  After a verbal altercation, Mammadov stabbed him.

The judge then asked whether he intended to make peace with Mammadov and drop the complaint, to which Huseynov replied in the negative.

In turn, the trade union activist accused Huseynov of lying. In fact, it was Huseynov who attacked him in front of the activist's house, not where the investigation material says.

Mammadov noted that in fact, he was injured, as Huseynov hit him in the face and broke his nose. Moreover, Mammadov fell and injured his back. Despite the injuries, Mammadov received no medical aid.

The next hearing in the case is scheduled for 30 July.

*Afiaddin Mammadov, the head of the alternative confederation of trade unions "Workers’ Platform", was detained on 20 September near his home after being attacked by an unknown person. Mammadov was accused of stabbing the attacker (Article 221.3 - hooliganism committed with the use of weapons) and 126.1 (intentional infliction of serious harm to health) of the Criminal Code.

Later, the charges were tightened – according to Articles 126.2.4 (intentional infliction of serious harm to health in a generally dangerous manner) and 228.4 (illegal arms trafficking).  He faces up to 11 years of imprisonment. Human rights activists recognized Mammadov as a political prisoner.

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