U.S. Finally Approves F-16 Fighter Jet Sale To Türkiye

U.S. Finally Approves F-16 Fighter Jet Sale To Türkiye

The Biden administration has finally approved Türkiye's request to purchase dozens of F-16 fighter jets and modernisation kits, TURAN's Washington correspondent reports.

The $23bn sale of 40 new F-16s was considered final last month when the Congress did not block the sale this time.

"U.S. proud to announce today a major step forward in Türkiye’s purchase of new F-16 Block 70 fighter jets – the most advanced F-16 ever made, available only to closest Allies and partners," the State Department said on a social media post Wednesday nights through its Bureau of Political-Military Affairs' X account.

"Just the latest example of U.S. enduring commitment to security partnership with Türkiye," reads the post.

Türkiye first made the request for the jets three years ago, but Ankara's delay in ratifying Sweden's NATO bid — due to the latter's support for Kurdish separatists — proved to be a major stumbling block.

On a separate note, the State Department Wednesday night issued a statement on Sweden's National Day noting that the U.S. 'commends' Stockholm’s leadership on strengthening the security of the Nordic-Baltic region.

"Our nations will continue to support the people of Ukraine as they defend their country against Russia’s unprovoked war, and as we pursue justice and accountability for Russia’s brutal actions. Together, our nations also will continue to collaborate to overcome the climate crisis, advance peace, and work on shared priorities through our bilateral ties," reads the letter.

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