Vasif Talibov receives the Defense Ministers of Azerbaijan, Georgia and Turkey

  Defense Ministers of  Azerbaijan, Georgia and Turkey - Zakir Hasanov, Alasania and Ismet Yilmaz who are currently in Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic (NAR) were adopted today by the head of the Supreme Majlis of NAR, Vasif Talibov.

During the meeting  the parties noted the successful cooperation  of NAR with Turkey and Georgia in the field of education, health, economy and transport. Despite the blockade of Nakhchivan, the socio-economic development of autonomy  has become sustainable; and  defense potential of NAR has also strengthened, just like  the  fighting capacity of the Special Field Army units stationed in the region.

In turn, the Minister of Defense of Azerbaijan, Zakir Hasanov, noted that Nakhchivan meeting opens new opportunities for cooperation between the three countries.

Turkish Minister Yilmaz stressed the importance of the development of relations between Turkey and Azerbaijan's Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic, noted the importance of Moscow and Kars treaties in 1921.

Yilmaz said that Turkey has always supported the territorial integrity of fraternal Azerbaijan, and  noted mutual efforts to deepen military cooperation.  Alasaniya described the relations between the three countries  as a strategic partnership. He noted the role of military cooperation in achieving regional peace.

The parties  also exchanged views on the military-political situation in the region and other issues of mutual interes.-06D-

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