Violators of the Azerbaijani-Iranian border offered armed resistance

Baku / 06.07.21 / Turan: Last night, four border violators tried to enter the territory of Azerbaijan from Iran in the Jalilabad region. As a result of measures taken by Azerbaijani border guards, one of the violators was neutralized, three fled back to Iran dropping about 6 kg of drugs.
According to the State Border Service of Azerbaijan, on July 5, at about 23:45, a border patrol near the village of Sarkhanli, Jalilabad region revealed the state border violation by five persons from Iran.

Note that the border violators had weapons and night vision devices, and one of them had a package, presumably with drugs. Contrary to order stop and warning fire in the air, the violators did not obey and offered armed resistance.

During the shootout, one of the violators, a citizen of Azerbaijan, Gurbanov Mazahir Sahil oglu, b. 1992 was wounded and died during evacuation to the hospital. The rest fled back to Iran.
The inspection of the cargo abandoned by the violators revealed drugs totaling 6895 grams. These included 4065 grams of heroin, 1385 grams of opium, 325 grams of methamphetamine, 1000 tablets of methadone, 260 tablets of pregabalin.

Besides, there were discovered 10 ampoules of Ravit – 8, 30 capsules of Wellman, 10 ampoules of testosterone in the package.

At present, officers of the State Border Service and the Prosecutor General's Office are conducting operational and investigative actions.- 06B-


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