What is behind the visit of Foreign Minister of Turkmenistan? (UPDATED)

On Wednesday Foreign Ministers of Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan, Elmar Mammadyarov and Rashid Meredov, had talks  in Baku. Meredov has arrived in Baku with an official visit.

According to the press service of the Foreign Ministry, the two sides expressed satisfaction with the current level of bilateral relations, and discussed issues of further development of relations in the political, economic, trade, cultural and humanitarian spheres, as well as strengthening cooperation in international organizations. They exchanged views on other issues of mutual interest.

According to the current practice of the Foreign Ministry, press conferences are held after talks with foreign colleagues, but today, however,  there was not such a conference.

   Of course, Meredov’s visit should be considered as an important event, because  over the  past five years  there have not been bilateral contacts at this level.

Moreover , the Turkmen side has repeatedly threatened to apply for the International Court against Azerbaijan  because of the disputed oil and gas fields in the Caspian Sea.

Recent warming in bilateral relations may indicate the desire of the parties to implement the project of Trans-Caspian gas pipeline.

The relevance of this project increases dramatically in light of the crisis in Russia’s  relations with the  West, and the EU's intention to reduce its energy dependence on Russia.

Ashgabat’s joining this project provide a way for Turkmen gas to the huge European market. -06D-

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2014 April 02 (Wednesday) 14:58:07

Foreign Minister of Turkmenistan, Rashid Meredov,  arrived on April 2 with an official visit to Baku. According to the Turkmen embassy in Azerbaijan, the visit will last two days, and then talks with the Azerbaijani leadership will be held. -02D-

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