Windows and doors are removed from the building where the office pf the PPFA was placed (UPDATED)

Workers utilities  in Narimanov District began to remove doors and windows in the two-storey building on the  Talat Shikhaliyev 8 Street , where until yesterday was  the office of the  Popular Front Party.
According to the deputy chairman of the PFPA, Gezal Bayramova , window air conditioners and doors on the second floor  are being removed for now. There is not a heavy equipment around there, and  the removed  doors are taken away by trucks, she said.

Yesterday  there was an explosion  in the basement of the house, and then there was a fire.  Then police  demanded from the PPFA to liberate the house. The documents  by the PPFA are still in the office. "We are waiting  for the owner of the premises, and  that is why we have not removed our things yet,"  said Bayramova.

The owner  of the premises  who leased the house for the PPFA  lives in Turkey. Today he  is  coming back to  Baku  because of  a fire in the building. -02В-

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2014 March 04 (Tuesday) 11:36:29

Baku/04.03.14/Turan : On Tuesday morning, the police came to the Narimanov District office of PPFA and demanded the people leave it. Turan was told by the Chairman of the Supreme Assembly of the party, Hasan Karimov.

According to him, after yesterday's explosion emergency workers shielded a ribbon around the office building. It is expected that MOE will inspect the building.

Hasan Karimov considers baseless the claim of the police to vacate the building and sees this as the government pressure on the PPFA .
According to him , independent experts conducted an inspection of the office building (8 Talat Shikhaliyev Street) and gave their opinion . There is no reason for the relocation, said Karimov .

Recall that on March 3 in the basement under the PPFA office a gas cylinder exploded. Representatives of the Ministry of Emergency Situations explained the explosion with gas leaks, but PPFA considers it a provocation . -05B04-

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