Armenia slows down peace process and Ukraine is rapidly integrating into Europe

Baku/18.06.22/Turan: Armenia is actively trying to confront Azerbaijan with Russia, to drive a wedge in the relations between Baku and Moscow to thus slow down the process aimed at achieving a peace treaty with Azerbaijan. Director of Turan News Agency Mehman Aliyev said this in an interview with the YouTube channel "Modern conversation with Rasim Babayev.

"Armenia is trying to procrastinate, to wait for some processes. I think they counted, actually, on the fact that there is a war in Ukraine today. We see that in the course of this war, they are trying in every way to confront Azerbaijan with Russia. They use different factors, including Azerbaijan's attitude towards the Ukrainian-Russian war. And they are trying in every possible way to make a gap in the relations between Azerbaijan and Russia," he stressed.

However, according to Aliyev, Armenia was made to understand that the attitude of various world centers of power toward Baku remains unchanged. "Yerevan was made to understand that no one is going to change the relations with Azerbaijan that have been formed before the war, during the war and after the war, including Russia, the United States, and the European Union. And all sides are interested in bringing this (Armenian-Azerbaijani) conflict to a quick end. That is, the subject must be closed," Turan News Agency Director noted.

Nevertheless, he emphasized that Armenia continues its efforts to torpedo the process of establishing good-neighborly relations with Azerbaijan. The expert also commented on the decision of the Armenian opposition to fold their tents in Yerevan and stop protests against the policies pursued by Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan.

"I think they were simply made to understand that there will be no change. That is, they shouldn't expect any cardinal changes. I do not think that Russia is trying today to slow down or freeze this process (of reaching a peace agreement between Azerbaijan and Armenia) in any way. This is not in Moscow's interests. Moreover, I think that Moscow puts pressure on Yerevan to speed up the process," Aliyev said.

When it came to the situation in Ukraine, Aliyev noted that the war drastically accelerated Ukraine's integration into the European space on political, military and value levels: "The process, which would have taken decades, has been accelerated to just a few months."

To his thinking, Russia, where new forces will come to power, will also turn towards Europe: "Putin's appeal to the legacy of Peter the Great, who opened a window to Europe and made it a part of the European space, was not accidental and should be seen as a message to the West.-0-

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