Six constitutional norms are violated in the case of Mirkadirov

Trial in the case  of a journalist Rauf Mirkadirov  held  today in Nasimi Court  completed   in other offenses, said  a lawyer Elmar Suleymanov protecting the rights of a columnist of “Mirror”  Mirkadirov arrested on charges of treason.

"Mirkadyrovan was arrested in Turkey and transferred to Azerbaijan. Officially, it was called deportation, but in fact it was an extradition. We believe that Mirkadirov’s rights in Turkey have been violated and petitioned for delivery  to the jail a notary who would make up  a power of  attorney. On the basis of this power of attorney Mirkadyrov had to hire a lawyer in Turkey, which would protect his rights violated in Turkey. However, the investigator did not grant the petition, and the court also dismissed the complaint against the investigator," said the lawyer.

According to him, the investigator's decision  has violates at least six articles of the Constitution of Azerbaijan and 24 norms of international documents. He told that  the court did not provide  Mirkadirov’s participation in the  trial.

"A few days ago Mirkadyrov said that he intends to make a statement in court today. I think there's a connection, as at all previous hearings Mirkadirov’s delivery was ensured," said the lawyer. According to him,  the  journalist complaint about  his meetings with family, phone calls and sending him to the press was not provided.

The investigation  explains these restrictions  by the possibility of disclosure by  Mirkadirov an investigation secrecy. However, journalists was allowed to participate in the funeral of his father, and the mystery of the investigation was not damaged, the lawyer said.

"Since the arrest  of Mirkadirov  there were only two attempts to interrogate him. However, he refused to testify. Until today, no investigation was conducted. The accusation of treason is a serious accusation and  the investigation  should have  the proof before the arrest. The investigation did not specify what kind of state secrets revealed or passed Mirkadyrov, and what damage had been done to state interests. "It is only  said in the general that the journalist published state secrets, caused  harm to  the interests of the state, but it cannot be considered  the evidence for the prosecution,"  said the lawyer.

* Columnist of  "Mirror"  newspaper, Mirkadyrov Rauf was arrested in Turkey on April 19 on his return to Baku; at the airport he was arrested and accused of espionage in favor of Armenia. -03B04-

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