Rasim Musabəyov

Rasim Musabəyov

Baku/30.10.23/Turan: The attack on the Makhachkala airport by a group of people who tried to prevent the arrival of ethnic Jews from Israel should be condemned by every civilized person, Azerbaijani MP, member of the Azerbaijani-Israeli inter-parliamentary friendship group Rasim Musabekov believes. 

"This does not correspond to Islamic values, legislation, or generally accepted humanitarian relations in the world. This is a blatant demonstration of religious and racial intolerance," the parliamentarian said in an interview with the Azerbaijani service of "Voice of America."

Could this event, as well as the arson of a Jewish center under construction in Nalchik, lead to ethnic clashes in southern Russia? Answering this question, the deputy said that it was unlikely. Because the remaining Jews there can be counted on the fingers.

Perhaps some of those who are faced with such an attitude will move to Moscow or other cities of the Russian Federation, and then to Israel. "But I don't think that what happened will trigger an ethnic conflict.

However, it may also happen that the crowd, not finding a Jew, will turn their anger against the authorities. This may lead to clashes and an increase in tension in the North Caucasus, the parliamentarian believes. 

Mountain Jews live in Dagestan, in particular in Derbent, what will become of them, can they move to Azerbaijan? Answering this question, Musabekov said that some of them may come to Azerbaijan. Citizens of the Russian Federation can stay on the territory of Azerbaijan for up to 90 days, and then arrange their further stay. 

Who initiated the protests against the arrival of Jews – from the authorities, or from citizens or Islamists? On this occasion, Musabekov said that it is difficult to talk about this from Baku. However, judging by the comments of Russian analysts, including opposition ones, all extremist, including religious radical groups are under the full control of the Federal Security Service of Russia. There is an opinion that if such processes are not controlled by these structures, then they are directed by them. "Although I have no facts to dwell on these versions," Musabekov stressed.

What is the situation of Jewish communities in Azerbaijan? Are there any problems with their security?  To this, the deputy said that there are no problems with the security of Jewish communities in Azerbaijan.

He noted that Azerbaijanis remember well the attitude towards Azerbaijan during the period of Armenian aggression. At that time, a number of Arab countries and Iran called themselves religious brothers of Azerbaijan, but in fact they did nothing.

During the war for the liberation of its territories, Israel supplied weapons to Azerbaijan, Israel and Jewish communities in the United States and Europe provided diplomatic and media support to Baku. At that time, Iran was passing Russian weapons through its territory to Armenia.

Therefore, in Azerbaijan, both the authorities and the public are ready and able to stop any unseemly manifestations against Jews, Musabekov stressed. ---06B---

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