1,301 pilgrims died during Hajj to Mecca

1,301 pilgrims died during Hajj to Mecca

Saudi Health Minister Fahd bin Abdel Rahman said that 1,301 pilgrims died during the Hajj.  83% of them did not have visas, so they had to travel long distances without being able to take shelter from the sun. They were buried in Mecca.

Recall that 95 pilgrims are being treated in hospitals, the process of identifying the dead has been delayed as many did not have their documents with them.

The dead include 660 Egyptians, 165 people from Indonesia, 98 from India, as well as citizens of Jordan, Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria and Malaysia, seven from Russia and two Americans. In most cases, deaths were caused by physical exhaustion and dehydration due to extreme heat.

About 1500 people traveled to Hajj from Azerbaijan. According to the Caucasus Muslims Department, there are no casualties among Azerbaijani citizens. They will return to the country between 26 June and 1 July.

This year's pilgrimage to the holy places in Saudi Arabia was held from 14th to 19th June. 1.8 million people took part in the Hajj. During these days the air temperature in Mecca was within +46 +51 degrees Celsius.

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