Afghan Mukhtarly wants to be treated at his own expense

Baku /20.10.17 / Turan: Investigative actions were carried out against the journalist Afgan Mukhtarli, who was kept in the Baku pre-trial detention center, said his lawyer Elchin Sadygov. According to him, although the articles of the prosecution remained the same, but changes were made in the content of the case materials. During the investigation, Afgan Mukhtarly declared his innocence. He said that he was abducted in Georgia because of his journalistic investigations. Mukhtarly said that his arrest is illegal, he has serious health problems, he suffers from severe pain in the heart. Mukhtarly asked the investigation to consent to his examination and treatment at his own expense, either at the Central Clinical Hospital or the Customs Hospital. After the completion of the investigative actions, the lawyer met with him alone. The lawyer said that for confidential communication with the client, he was hindered.

"When leaving the clinic, I was deprived of a" book of lawyers' notes ", read my notes made during meetings with my client alone. Despite my statement about the illegality of these actions, I was told that the instruction came directly from the leadership of the Penitentiary Service," the lawyer continued. He believes that this was done in order to convey the contents of his records from a meeting with the journalist to the prosecutor's office.

Sadigov believes that lawlessness has been committed against him. He is going to apply with a demand to investigate the actions of the SIZO employees to the country's leadership, the Prosecutor General, the Ombudsman, the Bar Association. Earlier, another lawyer of Mukhtarly, Neimat Kerimli, was inspected after his meeting with Mukhtarly in the Baku pre-trial detention center. It was not possible to receive any comment in connection with the statements of the lawyers in the Penitentiary Service and the Baku pre-trial detention center. -03D06--

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