Açiq mənbələrdən foto.

Açiq mənbələrdən foto.

Baku / 06.22.20 / Turan: Representatives of civil society in Azerbaijan agreed to take a number of steps to resolve the issue of returning citizens to their homeland in the context of the closure of the state border due to the coronavirus pandemic.

In particular, to begin collecting signatures on a petition demanding the Azerbaijani government to ensure the return of their citizens to their homeland, to start collecting funds to help compatriots who are concentrated in Dagestan near the border, and also to involve international and local human rights organizations in resolving the issue.

These initiatives were put forward during a Sunday video conference organized by the Institute for Reporters’ Freedom and Safety in connection with the events on the Russian-Azerbaijani border on June 16, where there was a riot of Azerbaijani migrants who were refused to be allowed in by the Azerbaijani authorities.

As a result of clashes with Russian law enforcement bodies, dozens of protesters and seven policemen were injured, arrests were made, and criminal proceedings were instituted.

The participants in the video conference blamed the incident primarily on the Azerbaijani authorities, who, in violation of national and international laws, illegally blocked the entry of their citizens into the country. Also, Russian law enforcement forces were subjected to criticism for their using excessive force against desperate people.

At present, in different countries, thousands of Azerbaijani citizens have found themselves in a similar situation, as they cannot return to their homeland due to illegal actions by the authorities. Many of them experience financial and other problems, but are deprived of assistance from the Azerbaijani state.

At a video conference, it was noted that Azerbaijan had all the necessary material and technical means of delivering citizens to their homeland and demanded that the government fulfill its duty to compatriots. —0—


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