Another group of Azerbaijani citizens repatriated from Syria

Another group of Azerbaijani citizens repatriated from Syria

On 20 February, 7 citizens of Azerbaijan - 5 children and 2 women, who were held in camps in Syria, were repatriated to Baku.

The Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry's press service reports that first the location, identity and citizenship of these persons were determined, and then their transfer to the territory of Turkey was organised.

Then representatives of Azerbaijani state structures conducted preliminary medical and psychological examination of the repatriates.  The Embassy of Azerbaijan in Turkey provided the citizens with necessary documents and they were returned to Azerbaijan.   It is planned to take measures for social rehabilitation and reintegration of the repatriates into society.

It should be recalled that about 450 people have been repatriated to Azerbaijan from Syria and Iraq so far.

According to the Interior Ministry, 1477 citizens of Azerbaijan travelled to these countries to participate in armed formations. Of them, 903 died. Many of them had children.

In 2023, in one of the camps in Iraq, about 120 women with children appealed to the Azerbaijani authorities to return them to their homeland.

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