Armenia Constructs Border Wall Near Azerbaijan to Enhance Security

Armenia Constructs Border Wall Near Azerbaijan to Enhance Security

In a bid to enhance the security of its residents, Armenia is erecting a substantial concrete wall on its border with Azerbaijan, specifically in the village of Kirants. This new barrier, standing approximately three meters tall and one meter wide, is intended to stretch to a length of 100 meters once completed. The initiative aims to ensure the safety of the Kirants villagers, who reside merely 100 meters from an Azerbaijani border post.

Local Armenian media reports indicate that the residents of Kirants have welcomed the construction of the wall. They express relief at having their line of sight obstructed from the Azerbaijani flag and the nearby border guard post, which they found unsettling.

In addition to the concrete wall, wire fences have also been installed along the same border section on the Armenian side. However, no corresponding border structures have been erected on the Azerbaijani side.

This construction comes in the wake of a mutual decision between Baku and Yerevan to adhere to the topographic map of the General Staff of the USSR Armed Forces from 1976. This agreement resulted in the Kirants section of the Armenia-Georgia interstate highway coming under Azerbaijani control, including a road bridge located within this territory.

In response to these developments, the Armenian government has commenced the construction of an alternative route, the Kirants-Acharkut road. Additionally, approximately 8 hectares of land, previously utilized by Armenian residents, have been transferred to Azerbaijani control.

This move underscores the ongoing complexities and evolving dynamics in the Armenia-Azerbaijan border regions, reflecting the broader geopolitical tensions between the two nations.

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