Arrested the head of Merac Holding

On the basis of the complaint from Bakienergytikinti JSC, the General Prosecutor's Office against Corruption has arrested the head of the Board of Merac Holding, Sabuhi Aliyev.

As the press service of the Prosecutor General's Office reported, using his position, he tried to fraudulently take possession of another's property.

Sabuhi Aliyev was arrested while receiving 20 thousand manats from the representative of Bakienergytikinti for a contract to build 204 houses for the victims of the earthquake in the Zagatala - Balakan area.

A criminal case was filed under articles of fraud and malpractice.

Of this message from the General Prosecutor’s Office, it is not clear what connection exists between Merac Holding and building housing for victims of the earthquake or what the role of Bakienergytikinti in the contract is. -16D-

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