At the trial in the case of Parviz Hashimli

Today Baku  Serious  Crimes Court continued the trial  in the case of an employee of the newspaper " Bizim Yol" and the head of the site Parviz Hashimli and Tavakkul Gurbanov. They are accused of smuggling and illegal arms trade.

Witnesses gave testimonies at the trial, Turan was told by  Ilakha Hashimli, the  wife of the  journalist Parviz Hashimli.

Their testimony contradicted what was said during the preliminary investigation.

One of the witnesses said that  he is 75 years old, and he does not remember today what he  ate  the day before. Hashimli himself petitioned on  summoning  Gurbanov’s son.

According to him , the testimony of the father and son are contradictory. Gurbanov said that requested Hashimli  to eliminate academic debts of his  son, and the son says that  he did not had problems in high school. However, the judge  did not consider the petition. The trial will continue on April 7. -03B-

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