Aytən Məmmədova

Aytən Məmmədova

Baku/24.05.22/Turan: Journalist Ayten Mammadova posted a warning on her social network page to the investigative bodies searching for the rapist who threatened her with a knife in the elevator of an apartment building.

"Don't bring a person to this state. If I am silent, it does not mean that I have nothing to say. My patience is not limitless either," Mamedova wrote.

Previously, in the same post, she told about a journalist who came out of prison and published memoirs about tortures in Azerbaijani detention facilities. But after each such publication, the penitentiary system issued statements that the allegations of torture were untrue.

The attack on Ayten Mamedova in the elevator of the apartment building she lives with her family occurred on May 8. An unknown man twice put a knife blade to her throat, threatened the life of her daughter, and alluded to her revealing publications. A.Mamedova believes that she was subjected to aggression for her articles on the Ganja Court of Grave Crimes where the high-profile case of the murder of a girl in the Tovuz district is being considered.  The defense believes that the girl was killed by criminals patronized by the authorities, and the defendant is innocent. The investigation is conducted by the Main Department of the Baku Police.

In a conversation with Turan Ayten Mammadova confirmed that she could reveal many of the practices of the investigation in a criminal case, but must consult with a lawyer. From her conversation  with the condition not to publish what she heard, Turan can say one thing: the police came to nothing during two weeks of investigation, although Ayten Mammadova is summoned to the police every day, not counting weekends, for hours-long conversations.

For the first time, on May 11, Ayten Mamedova circulated a statement in Meta, in which she reported on the futility of the investigation, despite her active cooperation with the investigation.

The journalist said that she had no personal conflicts with anyone, which could cause violence against her and her daughter. She claims that the attack in the elevator is related to her professional activities. Mamedova also states that she rejects the advice to "wise up" and will continue to perform her professional duty.

The Binagadi police department opened a criminal case due to the incident under Article 134 of the Criminal Code on the threat of violence or the possibility of murder.

Azerbaijani and international human rights and journalistic organizations spoke in defense of Mamedova and demanded to find and punish the perpetrators.-0-

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