Açiq mənbələrdən foto.

Açiq mənbələrdən foto.

Baku/16.06.20/Turan: Decision of the Cabinet of Ministers on the treatment of infected COVİD-19, in which the disease passes in mild form at home, the hospital will be unloaded,  stated  the head of the press service of TƏBİB (Territorial Medical Unit Management Unit) Ravana Aliyeva.

“So far, this decision has not yet been applied, but implementation is expected in the coming days,” Aliyeva continued.

According to her, the results of tests for coronavirus are issued in a timely manner. “There used to be some delays due to the large number of tests. Now the results are known within 1-2 days. There are no problems with the number of tests,” Aliyeva said. 

“At a briefing on Saturday, the head of TƏBİB Ramin Bayramli said that the results of strict quarantine will be known in 7-12 days. It is impossible to immediately trace the results of  tough quarantine,” Aliyev said.

Adil Geybulla, MD, told Radio Azadlig that in recent days, a daily increase of 300-400 infected means 4 thousand patients in 10 days.

Hospitals cannot withstand so many patients. Therefore, the reception of patients with coronavirus is practically suspended. The situation is serious and obviously we will face significant losses,” the doctor said.

At the same time, he does not consider the introduction of the previous strict quarantine regime to be real. “It's not real to keep people at home. When patients fall, die on the street, then understanding of this horror will come,” said Geybulla.

He considers senseless and two-day lockdowns at the end of the week. For the rest of the days people do not observe the necessary measures. According to the doctor, Azerbaijan is now at the peak of the epidemic and this will continue for some time.

“There is a concept of collective immunity. Many people will be infected. Currently, the situation is such that the number of infected is within 60%. Thus, collective immunity will be developed and the situation will improve,” says Geybulla.

“The test results can be negative, but in fact, a person can be infected, because the tests do not guarantee 100% accuracy. Those in treatment should also be monitored,” said Geybulla. –06D-


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