Azerbaijan Introduces Veterinary Passport for Pets, Aligned with International Standards

Azerbaijan Introduces Veterinary Passport for Pets, Aligned with International Standards

The Food Safety Agency of Azerbaijan (AQTA) has presented the official form of the "Veterinary Passport for Dogs, cats and other pets", which is a step aimed at improving animal protection standards and compliance with regulatory requirements in the country.

In a statement issued by AQTA, the agency underscored that the newly approved form reflects meticulous consideration of legal norms, alignment with international requirements, and responsiveness to the concerns voiced by pet owners. The introduction of this standardized veterinary passport is poised to streamline administrative processes and promote responsible pet ownership practices nationwide.

Regional divisions of AQTA have been tasked with overseeing the issuance of veterinary passports to pets upon receipt of applications from animal owners. Furthermore, AQTA will maintain a registry of animals issued with the appropriate passport, ensuring comprehensive documentation and traceability of pets within the country.

Importantly, the adoption of the veterinary passport aligns with international protocols, as pets possessing valid veterinary passports issued in foreign countries will not be required to obtain additional documentation when transported across borders.

However, it is imperative to note that compliance with domestic regulations remains essential. In accordance with the "Rules for keeping dogs, cats, and other pets in residential premises of the Republic of Azerbaijan," as approved by the Cabinet of Ministers, pet owners must secure a veterinary certificate and corresponding passport from regional AQTA divisions for international pet transportation. Additionally, a state duty of 20 manats, as stipulated by the Law "On State Duty," is applicable for the provision of veterinary passport services to both legal entities and individuals.



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