Azerbaijan Opens Free Equipped Beaches on Caspian Coast

Azerbaijan Opens Free Equipped Beaches on Caspian Coast

For the first time since gaining independence, Azerbaijan has opened free equipped beaches along the Absheron seashore, offering residents access to fully serviced public beaches. This initiative by the Baku executive authority addresses long-standing complaints about the privatization and commercialization of the coastline.

The newly established public beaches are outfitted with essential amenities, including lounge chairs, changing cabins, lifeguard services, and trash cans. These services, along with beach access, are provided free of charge, marking a significant shift from previous years when the coastline was predominantly controlled by private businesses.

Locations and Transportation

The public beaches can be accessed at the following locations, with corresponding bus routes for convenience:

Lokbatan: Buses 125, 139, 149

Buzovna: Buses 171, 172

Novkhany: Buses 123, 125

Goryadil: Bus 172

Pirshagi: Buses 171, 172

Shikhovo Beach: Bus 125

The initiative aims to provide equitable access to leisure and recreation for all residents, addressing the need for free public spaces along the Caspian coast.

The Baku executive authority has issued a reminder to beachgoers to maintain cleanliness and dispose of their trash properly, ensuring the beaches remain clean and enjoyable for everyone.

This development comes after years of public discontent over the commercialization of the coastline, which limited access for ordinary citizens. The new public beaches represent a response to these concerns, promoting inclusivity and public welfare.

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