Azerbaijan Parliament Advances Legislation to Regulate Micro-Mobility and Parking

Azerbaijan Parliament Advances Legislation to Regulate Micro-Mobility and Parking

Amendments to the Law "On Road Traffic" and the Code of Administrative Offences have progressed following their inclusion on the Parliament's agenda and subsequent approval in the first reading during a session on June 21.

The legislative changes aim to enhance the regulation of micro-mobility for passengers, promote public transport and micro-mobile vehicles, and improve the organization of parking spaces. Currently, Azerbaijani road traffic laws inadequately address issues related to bicycles and small-engine electric vehicles, posing safety risks amid their increasing usage.

Key provisions of the proposed amendments include definitions for bicycle paths and small electric vehicles, delineation of responsibilities for small electric vehicle operators, movement requirements, and operational standards. The legislation introduces road signs and markings specific to micro-mobility, defines parking types and regulations, and enhances mechanisms to combat illegal parking.

Administrative amendments encompass increased fines for parking violations, new penalties for unauthorized parking services, and fines for obstructing designated lanes and pedestrian pathways. A point system will now penalize misuse of bus and bicycle lanes, alongside fines for technical defects in electric scooters and violations by bicycle and small electric vehicle operators.


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