Bəxtiyar Hacıyev

Bəxtiyar Hacıyev

Baku/09.03.23/Turan: On March 7, the arrested activist Bakhtiar Hajiyev was returned from the Medical institution of the Penitentiary Service to the Baku pre-trial detention center-1 and placed in a common cell, a lawyer Rovshana Rahimli told Turan. Referring Hajiyev's  health after a long hunger strike, she said that he was undergoing a period of rehabilitation and was on the mend.

According to the lawyer, Hajiyev said that most of the materials distributed on the Internet about his personal correspondence and photos are fakes. At the same time, some materials are 10 years old. Hajiyev believes that his personal data was stolen through the peqasus spy program.

The lawyer said that the defense appealed to law enforcement agencies to investigate publications concerning the activist's personal life.

Earlier, on March 1, the Ministry of Internal Affairs rejected the involvement of the investigative body in the dissemination of Hajiyev's personal information. At the same time, the representative of the department reported receiving complaints from several women and family members regarding the materials that appeared on the network.

"On the basis of the appeals, an appropriate investigation is being conducted," said Elshad Hajiyev, head of the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. In turn, human rights activist Rufat Safarov said that materials related to B. Hajiyev's personal life were stolen in order to discredit him.

The activist himself could not distribute them on the Internet in any way, since he has been under arrest since December.

* Bakhtiar Hajiyev was arrested on December 9 last year on charges of hooliganism and contempt of court. On the same day, the Khatai District Court arrested him for 1 month and 20 days. On December 15, Hajiyev went on a hunger strike demanding his release. He stopped his hunger strike on December 28 after persistent calls from members of the public and family members. But on January 9, after the Court of Appeal refused to release him from custody, he resumed his hunger strike, which continues to this day.

On January 21, the court extended Hajiyev's term of imprisonment for another month, and on February 23, the Khatai court extended the term of arrest for another 2 months – on April 28.

The courts did not satisfy numerous petitions of lawyers to change Hajiyev's extreme measure of restraint to house arrest or release on bail before the start of the judicial investigation.

On February 28, on the 51st day of the hunger strike, Hajiyev stopped his hunger strike. ---03B06---

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