BCA justified the actions of Azur, which destroyed the business of FB-Company

Baku/14.08.23/Turan: On September 14, the Baku Court of Appeal (BCA) announced a decision on a lengthy, more than three-year trial against the commercial company "Azur," accused by the owners of FB-Company Anar Garibov and Agha Aliyev of deliberately destroying their business. FB-Company suffered damage worth about half 1,5 million manats from the "Azur" company, which refused to fulfill the contract signed by it on leasing commercial space in the Megafan shopping center in Baku, on the ave. Nobel, house 5.

In 2019, the plaintiffs rented 1200 sq. m. of commercial territory in the shopping center, but they could not work there because of the illegal actions of the landlord. Then, by order of the "Azur" management, the new and expensive property of FB-Somrapu was intentionally damaged and became unusable. The first trial was held in the Khatai Court, then in the Baku Commercial Court.

The judger of the BCA Vusala Bahyshova announced the court's decision, according to which "Azur" is obliged to reimburse FB-Company 38 thousand manats, and both sides of the conflict will reimburse the payment for the work of the commodity expert examination appointed by the court.

"38 thousand manats do not even cover the interest of the debt that FB- Company took to cover our financial losses caused by the illegal actions of the owners of "Azur" Fuad Rzayev and Babek Babayev. We are dissatisfied with the decision of the BCA and will file a cassation complaint. We will also appeal to the country's leadership with a request to protect from the arbitrariness of a major oligarch, whose interests are visible in the company "Azur," which destroyed our business," Anar Garibov, co-owner of FB-Company, told Turan.

According to him, the decision of the court was influenced by the father of one of the defendants – the head of a large and influential state organization “Azerenergy".

"The name of some Rza Mammadov, Deputy head of the Human Resources Department of Azerenergy, appears in the case. Moreover, if earlier he occasionally appeared at the most acute disagreements between the parties, then during the latest research conducted by experts he was constantly present here, hindering specialists from working. Receiving a considerable salary from the state for his main position, Rza Mammadov managed to protect the interests of the son of the head of this company, Fuad Rzayev, who committed illegal actions during working hours. Such activity of a “human rights defender on a voluntary basis”, who is at the same time an official of “Azerenergy”, I think, should attract the attention of the relevant authorities. Rza Mammadov previously worked in a responsible position in the prosecutor's office, which did not see egregious offenses in this case," Anar Garibov told Turan. --0--

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