Т.Атаев на презентации

Т.Атаев на презентации

Baku/11.07.17/Turan: Presentation of the book of the well-known Azerbaijani scientist Teymur Atayev was presented: "The Caucasian conflicts of Russia. From Peter I to Joseph Stalin" took place in Odessa, within the framework of the 4th International Islamic Studies School, which brought together participants from Ukraine, Poland, Belgium and Azerbaijan. The monograph presents a vision of the history of the colonization of the Caucasus. Prior to this, Atayev made an analytical study: "Political Islam. A phenomenon or a cliche introduced from outside? "

As for Atayev's book, it allows us to take a fresh look at some episodes of world and regional history. Particularly important is the emphasis on the oil component of permanent geopolitical games around the Caucasus.

Atayev puts forward his own version of the aggravation of the situation in the Russian Empire in the early years of the twentieth century, linking it to the struggle of the leading oil tycoons. Some events of 1905 (the Russian-Japanese war, the August wave of the Armenian-Azerbaijani clash in Baku, and the Jewish pogroms in the Southern region of Russia) he regards as links in a single destabilizing chain.

Atayev also touches upon such issues as the creation by Russia of a "Christian security belt" on its southern borders since the reign of Peter the Great; The events of 1915 in the Ottoman Empire, some presented as "the Armenian genocide"; The driving forces of the Bolshevik-Dashnak tandem in Baku in 1918; The appeal of the First Congress of the Peoples of the East to the communist gazavat; The official deportation of the Azerbaijani population from Armenia by the Soviet government in the middle of the last century and many others.

Along with the Caucasian theme, the author details the most important geopolitical events of the second half of the XIX - first half of the twentieth century: the Crimean War of 1853-1856, the Berlin Congress of 1878, the international conferences of the early 1920s, the birth of the "Kurdish movement"; "Israeli" catastrophe of Stalin and others.

T. Atayev's current research is a continuation of the book "From the History of the Geopolitical Struggle for the Territories of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and the Baltics", published in Kiev in May this year, which the "Turan" Agency reported earlier (http://www.contact.az). / Ext /)

The publication of the book by T.Atayev "The Caucasian conflicts of Russia. From Peter I to Joseph Stalin" in Kiev was carried out with the assistance of the Baku public association" Idrak. " The school of Islam is organized by the All-Ukrainian Association of Public Organizations "Alraid". -0-

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