COVID-19 Infected Among Prisoners Reported

Baku / 09.07.20 / Turan: There are prisoners with signs of COVID-19 in Prison number 2, relatives of the convicts told Turan.

According to them, many prisoners have fever, lethargy, and coughing. At a morning roll call, several people fainted.

Despite this, it is alleged that prisoners are not examined, tested, treated, or given masks.

The same situation is in Prisons NN 13 and 14.

In particular, in Prison No. 14, signs of COVID were found in 18 prisoners.

“They have been given injections for several days, but they are getting worse. On July 9 they were tested. There is panic there. The infected are still not placed in the medical unit. For some, the temperature reaches 39 degrees,” said Zafar Ahmedov, coordinator of the Center for Coordination of Prisoner Families.

The department of public relations of the Prison Service recommended contacting the Main Medical Department of the Ministry of Justice.

Representatives of this agency were not available for comment.

On May 15, Ramin Bayramli, the head of the Territorial Medical Unit Management Association, reported 46 infected among the prisoners. –06D-


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