The hearing  in the  "Nardaran case" took place on October 14 in an emotionally-charged atmosphere. Defendants at the end of the meeting staged a protest by police officers who were accused of the use of torture against them. The judge was forced to hastily complete the hearing.

At the beginning of the  trial  the  accused leader of the movement "Muslim unity" Taleh Bagirzade said that on the day of Ashura (12 October) he was again imprisoned for five days in solitary confinement.

"When I asked about the reasons,  I was told that the Yazidi gave such an order (Yazidi ibn Mu'awiya led the Umayyad troops who  killed in an unequal battle in 680 in Karbala Imam Hussein, the Prophet Mohammed's grandson.)  But I know placing me there was.  It was an order of Ramil Usubov (Interior Minister). Last time I spoke about the need to investigate the arbitrariness of the police and ask for a response from Usubov. However, instead of investigating it iniquity of his subordinateshe  decided to punish me ... Three years ago, when I was also in jail. The then head of the detention center Azer Seyidov refrained me to put in a punishment cell on the day of Ashura saying that it could be perceived as  support of "Yezids". But apparently MIA management believes that they are allowed," said Bagirzade.

Further, witnesses  spoke.

An employee of Sabunchu District Police Office (DPO) Nasib Asadullayev said that  on  November 5, 2015 a group of people gathered in front of the RUE demanded the release of the deputy chairman of the movement "Muslim unity" Elchin Gasimov. According to police, in the course of opposition protesters and law enforcement officers he was not injured.

Another employee of Sabunchu RUE Anar Ibrahimov said that during the events of November 5 he lost his stick, and was  thrown a stone at, but  did not apply in this connection with the complaint.

Another employee of Sabunchu DPO Israfil Mustafayev said that at the time of the events of November 5  he was  not injured.

An employee of Sabunchu DPO Siyavush Mirzazade said that November 5 was on duty at police headquarters, and no one was detained.

Bagirzade asked for the permission to speak , and said that on October 14 a group of politicians and human rights activists were summoned  to the Main Directorate for Combating Organized Crime  (MDCOC)Interior Ministry and demanded from them and threatened  the termination of the protection of rights of the accused.

In response to the judge Alovsat Abbasov said that the issue is not related to the trial, and these individuals may complain to the Interior Ministry.

This remark  of the judge Bagirzade was met with irony: "Report of the executioner to  the executioner."

In turn, the lawyer Yalcin Imanov described the  summoned to the MDCOC  of  politicians and public figures, as well as the pressure on lawyers.

 "They demanded from these people not to defend the accused in the "Nardaran case ", and that they would be arrested themselves. This should be regarded as pressure on the court. With the same success we lawyers can also be summoned to the police and  made terminate the protection of the accused. It is not legal, " Imanov said.

Further on the  employee  of the MDCOC Ibrahim Kazimov  gave a testimony. Lawyer  Imanov asked  Kazimov if he had any  nickname, and the witness replied in the negative. Some of the defendants shouted that "his name is Shrek."

In response Kazimov insulted the man.

Bagirzade,  Abbas Huseynov and other defendants claimed that Kazimov applied the most brutal torture.

According Bagirzade, Kazimov  beat  with  baton on the back, neck and demanded to admit that the Nardaran events were organized by  the National Council of Democratic Forces.

The accused Jabbar Jabbarov said that in addition to the Kazimov  he was tortured  by  the employees of the MDCOC Kerim and Shhalar.

"They brought me to the basement. They did not have  masks. Before, I was severely beaten. They demanded  from me to subscribe to the testimony that I had a gun. I told them that I would write a complaint  to Mehriban Aliyeva (wife of the President of Azerbaijan). They started to insult Mehriban Aliyeva. My hands and legs were tied, and they began to kick",  Jabbarov said.

The deputy chairman of the movement "Muslim unity" Abbas Huseynov accused the witness of lying and demanded  from Kazimov  to apply  criminal liability for torture.

Huseynov said that Kazimov beat him in MDCOC for two hours.

"Ibrahim told me that he had worked there for 19 yearsand made speak even dumb",  said Huseynov.

Kazimov began to deny  that he used  torture. At this point, because of the iron cage, it accused began to spit, threw a water bottle, shoes. Kazimov threw shoes back.

The judge quickly declared the meeting closed and scheduled the next hearing on 17 October.–36С--

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