Türkiyə prezidenti Rəcəb Tayyib Ərdoğan, Rusiya prezidenti Vladimir Putin və Azərbaycan prezidenti İlham Əliyev İstanbulda 23-cü Dünya Enerji Konqresində. 2016

Türkiyə prezidenti Rəcəb Tayyib Ərdoğan, Rusiya prezidenti Vladimir Putin və Azərbaycan prezidenti İlham Əliyev İstanbulda 23-cü Dünya Enerji Konqresində. 2016

On March 29 and 30, the next summit on democracy organized by the United States (USA) will take place. However, it has not yet been announced whether Azerbaijan is also invited to this summit.

It is reported that the administration of US President Joe Biden has already sent invitations to 120 world leaders. "We have re-invited the governments and our partners who were invited to the first summit in December 2021. We have also added eight new governments from around the world," said Rob Berschinski, Special Assistant to the US President. Azerbaijan was not invited to the previous summit.

At the moment, there has been no reaction on this issue from the Presidential Administration. However, the MP from the ruling party Aydin Huseynov told Turan that “the whole public knows that Azerbaijan is treated from the position of double standards. Where the national and state interests of the Azerbaijani state are, where respect for our state is, there we are."

The MP said that Azerbaijan is also the chairman of the Non-Aligned Movement, and is represented in many reputable international organizations: "Today Azerbaijan is one of the countries committed to democratic principles, with a high level of human rights protection. If Azerbaijan is not invited to any events, the approach to which is subjective, it is not so scary for us."

In his opinion, Azerbaijan has proved that it is a reliable partner in the world, a state based on democratic principles: "Whoever cooperates with us is very good, and we cooperate with them, and whoever puts forward subjective ideas, then the problem lies with him."

Azer Gasimli, head of the Institute of Political Management, told “Azadlig Radio” that the US President Joe Biden did not congratulate his Azerbaijani counterpart on the Novruz holiday this year, unlike in previous years: "This is a very important moment. This means that currently relations between Azerbaijan and the United States are not very good. The attitude of Biden and his administration to the government of Ilham Aliyev is extremely negative. In addition, the United States has not sent an ambassador to Azerbaijan for more than a year."

According to the political observer, Azerbaijan was not invited to the democracy summit because it is not a democratic country: "Every year it completely departs from the principles of democracy. In that case, how can they invite? If there was at least some positive trend towards democracy in Azerbaijan, they would have been able to call. There are certain countries that, although they do not fully meet the standards of democracy, but at least are moving forward step by step, making certain changes. In Azerbaijan, on the contrary, there is a tendency to strangle the remaining democratic institutions."

Then Gasimly asks: "If we were on this platform, wouldn't there be positive moments? Azerbaijan is a member of the Non-Aligned Movement. What does this give Azerbaijan? Does not give anything. But they come out and say that this is an authoritative platform, and we participate in it. Although the number of countries that will take part in the summit for democracy exceeds the number of members of the Non-Aligned Movement. It would be better if we were on this platform."

On December 9 and 10, 2021, the summit for democracy was held in the United States. Although many world leaders were invited to this summit, Russia, Turkey, Azerbaijan, and some heads of state did not receive an invitation. This provoked criticism from the Azerbaijani authorities. President Aliyev, in an interview with local TV channels, called this issue "open discrimination".

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