Discussion on the theme "South Azerbaijan" in Baku

«Events in the Middle East and the situation in the South Azerbaijan" was the topic of hearings organized on September 8 at the Baku International Press Centre of the World Azerbaijanis Congress (WAC.)

Co-Chair of the structure  Sabir Rustamkhanly said that the purpose of the event  is to  "to bring to the South Azerbaijan  the voice of  North Azerbaijan." "The Turks are  suppressed in the Middle East and in Iraq,  but the Turkic world  keeps silence," said Rustamkhanly.

Little interest in the media to the event, and absent  of journalists  at the event were regarded as a "prohibition by official Baku to discuss the topic of South Azerbaijan." Question of South Azerbaijan will be decided at the level of social and political activity of the nation as a whole, noted  the event participants, and noted the importance of the struggle of the Turks of South Azerbaijan "in the name of human and national interests." Until the end of the year, the  Congress is going to hold a series of events to draw attention to this topic. This theme will be brought to the attention and international structures. -05C04-

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