Eleven people  received a sunstroke over two days

Baku/07.08.17/Turan: 11 people have received a sunstorm in Baku in the last two days, Turan was told in the press service of the Ministry of Health. Of 11 who applied to the First Aid Service, four were hospitalized, and after providing the necessary assistance, were released home. "The Ministry of Health recommends the citizen not to be in the open sun during the day," the press service said. According to the same source, from July 1, 83 people suffered from sun and heat strikes, who applied to the First Aid Service. Of them 36 were hospitalized. In the coming days - until August 10, hot and dry weather will remain in Azerbaijan. The air temperature will rise to +41 degrees. In low-lying areas - up to + 43 degrees. -03D-

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