Evidence of Ilgar and Malahat Nasibovs flowed into the press

The activist Ilgar Nasibov brutally beaten on August 21 in Nakhchivan and his wife Malahat Nasibova are due to another interrogation in Nakhchivan City Police Department at 15:00 today.

As reported by M. Nasibova, she was called as a witness.

In addition, a confrontation with one of men who attacked Nasibov, Farid Askerov, will be arranged.

It is noteworthy that yesterday a pro-government website published an article alleging that Nasibov himself beat Askerov. At the same time, the site contains a facsimile copy of the testimony of Nasibov at the investigation. How this document from the police in Nakhchivan leaked to the press, the site does not tell. However, it is a violation of the secrecy of investigation and is subject to criminal penalties.

With regard to the health status of Nasibov, he is on the mend, but the process of healing of the numerous fractures on the face and body goes painful.

Despite causing severe injuries, multiple fractures and a partial damage of the eyesight, the police only 4 September launched a criminal case. Later Nasibov was recognized as a victim, but the case was initiated under "intentional infliction of minor bodily harm." -16D-

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