Misir Mərdanov

Misir Mərdanov

Baku/10.02.22/Turan: Corresponding member of the National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan (NASA), director of the scientific-research Institute of mathematics and mechanics, former Education Minister Misir Mardanov addressed the press with revelations about activities of NASA president Ramiz Mehdiyev.

"Mehtiyev created futile and unclear departments, illegally fired the NASA academician-secretary three times over two years, and increased the number of vice presidents from three to nine. Mehtiyev liquidated the main scientific departments of the Academy. Without any discussion or expediency, he established positions of chief directors and executive directors in the institutes. All these caused unnecessary unrest in the scientific community," said the director of the institute of mathematics and mechanics.

Mehtiyev illegally took over the functions of the Accounts Chamber and the Ministry of Finance conducting inspections at the Academy's institutes. In two years he replaced the leadership of the High-Tech Park at the NASA several times which paralyzed the work of this scientific center created by the President of the country. He created a post of the head of the staff of the Presidium of the Academy of Sciences, appointing a person far from science to this post. The NASA president's goal was to intimidate scientists and create new difficulties in the work of the Academy during the pandemic years and thus subjugate scientists even more," Mardanov said.

He listed chaotic personnel shake-ups initiated by Mehdiyev that led to the dismissal of talented scientists and the recruitment of "Mehdiyev's people" who had nothing to do with the science.

"The Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan was led by real scientists Mirasalulla Mirgasimov, Yusif Mammadaliyev, Zahid Khalilov, Rustam Ismailov, Hasan Abdullayev, who freely communicated with colleagues, always met with the scientific teams. And Ramiz Mehdiyev is the first president who arrives to the service under the protection of armed men, accompanied by two traffic police cars," Mardanov specifies.

He accuses Mehtiyev of reconstructing a historical and architectural value of Azerbaijan - the building of the Presidium of the Academy of Sciences.

"Not only that, the other day Mehtiyev himself raised the salaries of himself and the employees of the central office which caused discontent of low-paid scientists," Mardanov added.

The institute director concluded his address by saying that he joined the demands of other scientists who had advocated the resignation of NANA President Ramiz Mehdiyev.

Earlier, Abulhasan Abbasov, chief researcher at the Institute of Philosophy and Sociology and PhD in Philosophy, Kerim Shukurov, director of the Institute of History and PhD in History, and professor Musa Gasymly, a member of the Parliament, criticized Mehdiyev and demanded his resignation. The trial against Mehtiyev was won by Elton Mamedov, the former head of the Academy's administration. 

To recall, the NASA has repeatedly stated that R. Mehtiyev is not going to resign.-0-


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