Fuad Qəhrəmanlı

Fuad Qəhrəmanlı

Baku /22.07.17/Turan: Fuad Gahramanly, deputy head of the Popular Front Party, and two other persons involved in the "Nardaran case" - Abbas Huseynov and Ali Nuriyev, were placed in the isolation ward at the Detention Center N.1 in the village of Kurdakhani on July 20, reported relatives of the arrested.

Earlier it was reported that on July 20, the chairman of the Movement of Muslim Unity Taleh Baghirzadeh, who is involved in the "Nardaran case" was placed in the punishment cell.

This happened after all four expressed dissatisfaction with the actions of Judge Emir Bayramov at the court session of the Court of Appeal, which did not give the defendants the opportunity to speak. The defendants threw their bottles of water on the judges. -0--

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