Akif Çovdarov və Tağı Əhmədov. İslamin Sesi

Akif Çovdarov və Tağı Əhmədov. İslamin Sesi

Baku / 13.07.17 / Turan: On the trial of the Baku Military Court on the case of former employees of the liquidated Ministry of National Security (MNS) on July 12, it was said about objects and money of the former head of Baku Underground Taghi Ahmadov in offshore areas. As is known, under the chairmanship of Judge Habib Hasanov there is a trial of former high-ranking officers of the MNS - Akif Chovdarov, Salim Mammadov, Akif Aliyev, and Orkhan Osmanov.

At the entrance of metro stations, there are 1,200 objects, which until 2007 were on the balance sheet of the Baku City Hall, and then moved to the balance of Baku Underground. Monthly rent of these objects was from 200 to 3 thousand dollars. The former general Akif Chovdarov stated this at the trial. According to him, the sales points were divided between the friends of Taghi Ahmedov's son, Rauf Ahmedov, who is a judge. Chovdarov said that rent for three months was more than 5 million manat. And this was despite the fact that the subway received subsidies from the state. According to the former general, they were instructed to check the work of the subway. During the verification it was found out that every fourth token was not taken into account, which means that "it went into Taghi Ahmedov's pocket". According to Chovdarov, Taghi Ahmedov's nephew Shovghi Ahmedov, from which his uncle subsequently refused, told them about that. Former employees of the Ministry of National Security through their agent channels managed to find out that second-hand cars were brought from Moscow under the guise of new ones. They were simply repainted, in connection with which more than 11 million AZN of public funds were appropriated. Baku Underground owed Azerenergy JSC 4 million manat, which was also appropriated. Akif Chovdarov listed all the objects of Taghi Ahmedov he remembered at the court. Among them there are numerous apartments, villas, shops, restaurants, and a shopping complex in Dubai. In addition, through his son Ruslan Ahmedov, Taghi Ahmedov led 17 million dollars offshore. He also has a store at the exit of a subway station in Moscow.

Taghi Ahmedov had large accounts in Tekhnika Bank - $ 13 million, Bank of Baku and Unibank. When Tekhnika Bank went bankrupt, Ahmedov withdrew his 9 million from there and placed it offshore. The rest of the amount was allocated to the names of his relatives. In total, 21 million dollars was revealed on the accounts of his relatives.

At the trial, a representative of the prosecutor's office said there had been no investigations into Taghi Ahmedov. There is no information on the presence or absence of a decision on the conduct of an audit in respect of Taghi Ahmedov.

The former chief of Baku Underground Taghi Ahmedov is the chairman of the Yasamal branch of the ruling New Azerbaijan Party.

Taghi Ahmedov has not yet expressed his attitude to the above. In his office, Turan IA was told he was "not in the office". -03D04-

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