Gezal Bayramli Urgently Needs Treatment - Lawyer

Baku / 08.06.17 / Turan: The lawyer Zibeyda Sadigova met with the journalist Afgan Mukhtarli and the Deputy Chairman of the Popular Front Party of Azerbaijan Gezal Bayramli in the Kurdakhany detention center on June 8. According to the lawyer that spoke to Turan IA, her defendants were also visited by representatives of the Ombudsman's office.

Both prisoners told the representatives of the Ombudsman about the falsification of criminal cases against them and the problems they faced after being taken into custody.

Bayramli first of all informed about the problems she had with her health, the need for a medical examination and the need for regular medication.

According to the lawyer, Bayramli suffers from arthrosis of the jaw and surgical operations were done to her three times in connection with this disease.

Bayramli also has endocrinological problems and even the doctor at the detention center noted the need to start treatment for this disease and conduct an MRI examination of the person.

But most of all Bayramli is concerned about the low level of leukocytes in the blood, which is why she went to Georgia. Doctors told her there that if she goes out of medical surveillance and does not take regular medication, she can get leukemia.

As for Mukhtarli, according to the lawyer, he feels well, keeps cheerful and sends greetings to friends and colleagues.

Mukhtarli told about what happened to him and showed his bodily injuries to the staff of the Ombudsman's office. He has not complained about the conditions of his detention yet, Sadigova noted.

Bayramli was detained on May 25 at the border on his return from Georgia. She was accused of smuggling, and in particular, an attempt to transport over the border an undeclared 12 thousand dollars.

Mukhtarli was abducted on May 29 in Tbilisi and transferred to Azerbaijan, where he was accused of smuggling, illegal crossing of the border, and the use of violence against a border guard.

Bayramli and Mukhtarli rejected the accusations and declared political motives for their persecution. The United States and the EU, as well as international human rights organizations, called for their release. -06D--

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