Leyla Mustafayeva. Foto: Ali Gulaliyev

Leyla Mustafayeva. Foto: Ali Gulaliyev

Baku/22.17.17/ Turan: Today, on July 22, Azerbaijani political activists and journalists living in Georgia held a protest action in front of the Azerbaijani embassy in Georgia on the occasion of the National Press Day. The main slogan of the action was the demand: "Freedom for imprisoned journalists!"

Participants also chanted slogans "Give freedom, not an apartment! Aliyev, free the journalists! ".

"The Azerbaijani government constantly declares that freedom of speech and press exist in the country, but in reality more than ten journalists and bloggers are in prison for critical thoughts." The President of Azerbaijan presented an apartments for 255 journalists in Baku However, media in Azerbaijan needs freedom, not apartment!" stated the protesters to the representatives of Georgian and foreign media covering the event.

The participant of the action Leyla Mustafayeva, the wife of the arrested journalist Afgan Mukhtarly, spoke about the history of the creation of the national press in Azerbaijan. She pointed out that the current situation in the field of media freedom in Azerbaijan is very deplorable, those who criticize the government are kept under constant pressure, and they are arrested.

"The purpose of the action was to draw attention to the fate of journalists thrown into prison in Azerbaijan, demanding freedom for them. It can be said that the press in Azerbaijan was silenced, the media was bribed by the State Support Fund of the Mass Media," she said.

The Azerbaijani Embassy in Georgia did not respond to the protest action, no one came out to take the resolution adopted on it, so it was left in the embassy yard.--0--

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