Hadidja Ismail was detained for two hours at the airport

Early in the morning of 5 September at the arrival in the Baku airport from Tbilisi was delayed the columnist for Azadlig Radio Khadidja Ismail. Within two hours, she was checked and interrogated within the airport and released only at 8:25 am, the journalist told Turan.

At first, she was detained by border guards and questioned what she was doing in Tbilisi at the OSCE conference. Then she was searched by Customs officers, who took all her things, including bank cards and money.

"I was completely ransacked, and even opened the bandage on my bruised foot. It was very similar to the search for diamonds from the movie "The Diamond Arm".

All my money was counted and they asked if I filled a declaration when exporting the money from Azerbaijan? I had 3800 euro and 500 dollars.

All this was withdrawn, including the bonus card from the store, and for two hours I was held in some room. Then they re-searched and finally released me," said the journalist. -03B04-

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