Hunting for Nur reached schools

Yesterday the Public Union Azerbaijani International Educational Complex announced the closing of Araz LLC that conducted training courses for students and 11 secondary schools. This is stated in the message by SOCAR, which is co-founder of the complex.

In turn, the Ministry of Education has expressed its willingness to take the students of the liquidated schools to its secondary schools.

An expert in the field of education Mursal Aliyev believes that the decision will negatively affect the quality of education and the business area.

According to him, the courses Araz and the high schools worked efficiently and their graduates later became high-level professionals.

It is possible that Araz and high schools closed for political reasons, namely because of the proximity to the educational network of Turkish theologian Fatullah Gulen.

Note that after the recent visit of Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan in Baku, the media predicted this decision. It was reported that the Turkish Prime Minister was unhappy with presence of the network Nur (Gulen supporters) in Azerbaijan.

 Erdogan believes that Gulen’s organization Hizmet infiltrating the Turkish state agencies, conducts subversive activities against the government.

Then, in Azerbaijan were removed from their posts a number of senior officials, including the head of the Presidential Administration’s department Elnur Aslanov and the head of the State Committee for Work with Religious Organizations Elshad Isgandarov. At the same time, the media cooperating with the authorities called the leaders of the Nur network in the country.

Meanwhile, the university Caucasus, which also includes Azerbaijan International Education Complex, refutes reports of its closure. -16D-

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