IMD office under police control

Unauthorized persons entered the office of the Institute for Peace and Democracy at 63 Nizami Street, in which the Women's Crisis Center (WCC) and the Azerbaijani company to prevent anti-personnel mines are located.

As the head of the WCC Matanet Azizova told Turan, on the evening of April 28 she last left the office, and as usual turned off the lights.

Around 01.00, when the detention of the director of IPD Leyla Yunus and her husband Arif Yunus became known, the WCC expert, psychologist Azad Isazadeh came to the office. However, the police and people in civilian clothes allowed nobody into the room.

At this point, the light in the office was not burning. When at about 03:00 employees of IPD and other NGOs came again, they saw light burning in one of the rooms.

This means that someone broke into the office when it was guarded by police. By the morning of April 29 the office was still under police control. – 06B-

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