In connection with the death of a soldier punished higher ranks


The investigation conducted by the Ministry of Defense in the military unit in Dashkesen, where a soldier Jeyhun Gubadov served and died on January 7, identified disciplinary offenses. The press service of the Defense Ministry noted that the investigation was conducted into allegations of the soldier’s relatives that he was killed by beating.

Several high-ranking military officers in Shamkir were severely punished, according to the press office. It also notes the use of punishment, ranging from making a stern reprimand to reduction in military rank, and that a number of officers were relieved of their posts.

In this case, it does not specify the specific names of the punished.

According to information, it is the first time that the death of a soldier caused disciplinary measures against the commander of a military unit in the rank of lieutenant-general, whose name was not disclosed. However, unofficial sources claim it is Rovshan Akbarov.

At the same time, reduced to the rank of Major General was the commander of the military unit, where Gubadov served as a soldier. A few more officers of the military unit were removed from office.

The Defense Ministry did not rule out punishment of other officers in the course of further investigation.

In addition, the Military Prosecutor's Office filed a case under Article 342.2 of the Criminal Code (negligence during the service, which led to grave consequences) of the Criminal Code.

These measures followed after the family of the deceased soldier questioned the results of the examination of the death of Private Gubadov of heart failure. They expressed signs of violence on the body of the deceased. The media and Internet photos of the deceased soldier caused a great resonance in the social networks and disturbance in the Azerbaijani society.

On January 12, a number of youth organizations plan to gather in Fountain Square in protest against the deaths of soldiers. -06D-


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