In connection with the Ganja events, 61 people were arrested

Baku/30.07.18/Turan: In connection with the Ganja events, 61 people were brought to justice and arrested. These are representatives of radical religious groups, Zakir Garalov, the country's attorney general, said today at a meeting devoted to the results of the first half of the year.

According to him, four people involved in the riots and attempted assassination of the head of the city were eliminated by the secret services while armed resistance. Another 13 people are wanted.

On July 3, a native of Ganja, Russian citizen Yunis Safarov, wounded on the head the mayor f the city of Ganja, Elmar Veliyev, and his bodyguard Gasym Shahbazov from the pistol. Law enforcers qualified this as a terrorist attack committed on religious grounds.

On July 10, clashes took place between the law enforcers and local residents protesting the conduct of Elmar Veliyev before the administration of Ganja. However, the authorities called the protesters religious radicals after two police officers were killed in the clashes. -06D--

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