Judge Complains about Lawyer

Baku / 08/31/17 / Turan: The judge of the Sheki Court for Grave Crimes Rashid Huseynov filed a complaint to the Bar about the attorney Elchin Sadygov. The judge also sent a letter to the lawyer himself.

"The letter states that the lawyer allegedly artificially tried to create the appearance of violation of the rights of the accused person and to impede the progress of the trial," Sadygov said.

However, in fact, the rights of the lawyer Sadygov and the accused were violated. So, in violation of legislative requirements, the preparatory hearing was held without the participation of a lawyer.

In addition, the judge requested information on the last six legal agreements of the lawyer. "The data in contracts on legal services are classified as a lawyer"s secret. The demand for this information is absolutely illegal," Sadygov said.

It was not possible to receive comments in the Sheki District Court for Grave Crimes.

Recall that the independent journalist Elchin Ismayilli was arrested on February 17.

He was charged under articles 182 (extortion of money by threats) and 308 (abuse of office) of the Criminal Code. In early August, he was charged with another accusation under Article 311 (receiving a bribe). On these charges, he faces 8 to 12 years of imprisonment.

According to the accusation, the journalist extorted money from an employee of the Culture and Tourism Department. The latter applied to the Ministry of National Security, whose employees arrested the journalist.

According to the lawyer, the case was falsified and the journalist was arrested for his professional activities.

"Elchin and the above-mentioned employee of the Culture Department have long known each other, and the journalist asked him for money - 1,000 manats. When they met and the money was handed over, the journalist was arrested," the lawyer said. -06D-

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