Key Conference on Climate Change Was Held in Baku Ahead of COP29

Key Conference on Climate Change Was Held in Baku Ahead of COP29

The Emerald Hotel in Baku on May 26 hosted a significant conference titled "Global Climate Change and Azerbaijan," organized by a coalition of public associations aiming to enhance transparency in the mining industry. The event, held in anticipation of the COP29 international conference scheduled for November in Azerbaijan, attracted prominent scientists, experts, and civil society leaders to discuss pressing climate change issues.

Associate Professor Ilham Huseynli, Coordinator of the EITI Coalition, inaugurated the conference with a welcoming address, emphasizing the event's critical role in shaping Azerbaijan's climate policy ahead of the COP29 summit. Huseynli underscored the importance of integrating perspectives from civil society, experts, and scientists to formulate a comprehensive approach to climate change.

The conference featured special reports from the country's leading climate change experts. Sabit Bagirov, President of the Foundation for the Promotion of Entrepreneurship and the Development of a Market Economy, moderated the event, introducing the first speaker, Islam Mustafayev. Mustafayev, a corresponding member of the National Academy of Sciences, provided an in-depth analysis of global climate change issues and their specific impacts on Azerbaijan.

The first panel delved into the obligations under the Paris Agreement and the challenges of meeting these commitments. Isa Aliyev, former coordinator of the UN Framework Convention on Azerbaijan (2001-2018) and an independent expert on the impact of climate on the urban environment, discussed the current state of the Paris Agreement's implementation. Agricultural expert Vahid Maharramli highlighted the effects of climate change on agriculture, emphasizing the vulnerability of Azerbaijan's agricultural sector and potential adaptation strategies.

Extensive discussions followed, with numerous experts sharing their insights. The second panel featured Rovshan Abbasov, a lecturer at Khazar University and a renowned expert on water resources management, who addressed water resource management challenges in the context of climate change. Sadig Hasanov, PhD in Chemistry and a member of the Board of the EITI Coalition, discussed emerging environmental issues and broader climate-related challenges.

Prominent public figures participated in the discussions, including Eyub Huseynov, Samir Isayev, Mirali Huseynov, Ilgar Huseynli, Nasrullah Nurullayev, and Ilgar Khalilov. Their diverse viewpoints enriched the dialogue, highlighting the multifaceted nature of climate issues in Azerbaijan.

The conference also welcomed representatives from the international civil movement "Publish What You Pay," including Emil Omarov and Fuad Hasanov. Their presence underscored the global dimension of climate change and the necessity for transparency and accountability in addressing environmental concerns.

Concluding the conference, participants and experts stressed the critical importance of such discussions in addressing climate change. They called for continued dialogue and collaboration among scientists, policymakers, and civil society to develop effective mitigation and adaptation strategies for climate change.

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