Litigation on the complaint of the head of "Azimport" LLC continues

Baku/15.01.22/Turan: Trial on the complaint of the head of “Azimport” LLC, president of the Azerbaijan Judo Veterans Association, 5-fold world champion Azer Askerov against businessman Kamal Akimov, chaired by Judge Zeynal Agaye, continued on January 13, in the Baku Serious Crimes Court.

According to the indictment, Kamal Akimov is charged under the Article 182.3.2 of the Criminal Code (extortion with the use of violence with threats). The businessman told the press that in August 2012, an LLC owned by Azer Askerov destroyed a non-residential plot of 146 square meters, located at Sabail district, Ziya Yusifzade Street (former Khanlar Street) 8. After several years of litigation, successive appeals to government agencies, the head "Azimport" undertook to pay him 800 thousand dollars as compensation for the property.

The trial, which took place on January 13, was attended by the head of Azimport LLC, the plaintiff Azer Askerov, his lawyers, as well as the accused Kamal Akimov and his defenders. In court, businessman Kamal Akimov testified and answered questions from the public prosecutor and the plaintiff's lawyers.

Kamal Akimov, in his speech, confirmed the testimony he gave to the investigation. He talked about the challenges he has been facing since 2012up to day. He stated that the accusations against him are completely unfounded and do not accept them, never demanded money from anyone by intimidation.

The non-residential premises owned by him were illegally demolished by Azimport LLC, headed by Azer Askerov, who is currently acting as a victim in a criminal case. He was informed about this by his brother, who himself arrived at the scene, while employees of “Azimport” LLC, as well as an employee of the Sabail District Executive Power, stated that the demolition was allegedly carried out due to a misunderstanding. They noted that they would investigate and inform him about it.

But the promise to investigate was not fulfilled, a few days later the businessman saw that the demolition of his property was continuing. At the scene, he witnessed the demolition of trucks belonging to “Azimport” LLC. Kamal Akimov added that he then lined up his company's machinery in front of his property to prevent illegal demolition.

According to Kamal Akimov, then his property was completely destroyed. In his testimony, he noted that he went to court with a claim for compensation.

Kemal Akimov brought to the attention of the judge that in order to receive compensation, he constantly turns to law enforcement agencies, to the country's leadership. As a result of the correspondence, Azer Askerov invited him to a meeting through a mutual friend Jamaleddin.

At the meeting, a mutual agreement was reached that Azer Askerov would pay Kamal Akimov $800,000 as compensation for the demolished non-residential area. According to the businessman, there can be no question of using any threats or violence. Although the market value of the property at that time exceeded this amount by about 2.5 times. So, Askerov began to pay him 50 thousand dollars a month.

These funds were obtained through the issuance of a receipt and a videotape by a man named Jamaleddin, who was sent by Akimov to receive the money. After 3 months, the stability of payments is broken, within one month the payment is not made, in the next month it is issued, etc. The businessman adds that after the issuance of about 500 thousand dollars, Azer Askerov categorically declares that he will no longer pay. According to the businessman, after that he continued to demand his money only legally. He continued to apply to law enforcement agencies, to the leadership of the country. But after a while he found out that he was put on the wanted list...

After Kamal Akimov's testimony, Azer Askerov's lawyers asked him various questions.

Then, during the process, the lawyers of businessman Kamal Akimov wanted to ask questions, but the judge did not give permission, but he himself asked a question, asking if he had threatened Azer Askerov. The businessman brought to the attention of the judge that this had never happened, that the plaintiff did not present any evidence to the court confirming this.

The trial is completed, the interrogation of witnesses is scheduled for January 26 at 09:30.—0-

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