Media Review for April 21, 2020

The newspaper Azerbaijan writes about Ilham Aliyev’s support for his people in such a difficult time and positive changes in the fight against Corona Virus.

The number of people recovering is greater than the number of infected people. The article also speaks of social support provided to the population in the form of material assistance.

The Yeni website discusses the possibility of a food crisis in Azerbaijan. Many countries have suspended the export of wheat, corn, and rice, which could lead to food shortages. Azerbaijan should be ready for this, as it imports more than 40% of food wheat.

In Azerbaijan, statistics are not based on reality, so it’s difficult to talk about real numbers. At the same time, there will be no food shortage until the fall.

The website discusses falling oil prices in Azerbaijan, the last price of which amounted to $ 21. This price was last observed in 2001.

 Demand in the world decreased to 75 million barrels, that is, by 25%.

It was not possible to raise its price by reducing production and Azerbaijan should be prepared for a situation with such a price, since the cost of oil will not increase for another 6 months.

The website is discussing with the deputy Vahid Ahmedov a decrease in the assets of the State Oil Fund by $ 2 billion - to 41 billion 349 million.

If the price of oil does not increase, then the reserves of the State Oil Fund will rapidly decline. The MP sees a way out of the situation in the gradual easing of the quarantine regime, and the start of enterprises, as well as the resumption of small and medium-sized enterprises.


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