Media Review for April 25, 2020

The fight against the Corona Virus pandemic, the situation in the oil market, and the risks of the virus re-spreading are the topics of today's media.

The newspaper Azerbaijan reports that over the past 24 hours 80 960 people have been infected on the planet, thus, the total number of infected has amounted to 2 708 590 people.

Azerbaijan is an example of the fight against the Corona Virus. The state has mobilized all its capabilities to combat the pandemic. Tens of thousands of people have been tested in a short time. WHO and officials of several European countries highly appreciate the measures taken by Azerbaijan.

The website discusses with the deputy Vahid Ahmedov the situation in the oil market and the way out of it. The MP believes that if the current situation continues, and the oil price continues to fall, then serious problems will arise. It is necessary to intensively develop those areas that export their products.

The website provides an expert opinion on proactive measures related to the spread of the Corona Virus. This includes the introduced quarantine regime, and the closure of borders, social assistance to the population, and a possible decrease in imports into the country.

The regime has been extended until May 4, but from April 27 there are some easing regimes, the article notes. However, the second wave of the pandemic is not ruled out.

The website gives an assessment of the WHO representative in Azerbaijan on the global pandemic situation. According to him, the decrease in the number of infected in Azerbaijan gives reason to assert that the peak of the pandemic in the country has ended, although the risk of a resumption of the pandemic remains. Therefore, the population must strictly adhere to established rules. In many countries of the world, including Azerbaijan, a plan is being prepared to exit the quarantine regime.

As for opening borders, the issue of trust plays a big role. Each country must prove that it has a normal sanitary and epidemiological situation.


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